The Rescue

“I drew him out of the water” Exodus 2:10

We serve the God of the Rescue! He knows us, he knows our need. He comes at just the right time. He’ll surprise you showing compassion in unlikely faces, from unlikely places bring courage just when needed. As you listen to this story of Moses’ rescue—just a baby, but under a death sentence from the King of Egypt–you’ll meet unlikely heroines, including his young sister, and the princess of Egypt who pulls him out of the reeds of the busy Nile, to become Israel’s future deliverer.

The message peels back the layers to reveal God’s Kingdom DNA: His plan is to bring about breath-taking rescues in each of our lives. His heart is that none should perish (2 Peter 3:9). Our God searches for each of us in peril and storm. Call upon Him friends, and Be encouraged today!

These sermons are messages, written in the push and pull of operational service aboard CG-52, USS Bunker Hill. Preached for God’s glory and shared in Chapel each week to build up the body of believers aboard. Each one called by God and being equipped for remarkable things beyond their imagining in the military and afterward.

Forgive the hum of nearly 100,000 Horsepower from the Gas Turbine Engines spinning ship’s shafts and propeller. It’s our background for worship from the deep.

CG-52’s part in the rescue of the Hawker Hunter pilot mentioned in the sermon is explained in further detail in the articles below:

Helicopter Squadron Rescues Civilian Pilot:

The news of rescues from Hurricane Harvey are innumerable, here are two touching and heartbreaking stories:

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