Rare Christianity: Different, Kristian Carlson, Faith Community Church, Sep 15, 2013

Rare Christianity: Different, Kristian Carlson, Faith Community Church, Sep 15, 2013

Grace is a gift. It changes everything. The way we naturally respond to it is to want to offer our lives to God. We don’t know how big the change will be. How simple the task He’ll assign us. Or how beautiful the result will turn out. But it will be worth it and we will be changed. The effect of grace is that you are different. Romans 12 tells us: “Don’t be conformed any longer after the pattern of this world, but be transformed.”

Transformation—becoming very different than we had been before, through Jesus’s influence, is something that we should expect in our lives and in our church.

The following question, if applied to the relationships and environment in which we find ourselves will help us to seek God’s will, and to be the difference needed: How would this relationship or place be different if Jesus Christ’s authority and grace were present here?

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Rare Christianity: Grace, Kristian Carlson, Faith Community Church, Sep 15, 2013

Kristian moves into our next topic in Rare Christianity. Grace: that favor of God, which is His blessing, loving kindness and sustaining gift of life; is often taken for granted. Because we forget our grave state, how much we needed grace before Christ, we neglect to relish it, and then forget to extend this hope and favor to others who really need it. When grace is understood personally it impacts us as a church and then transforms communities. Kristian will use the grace picture of Philemon, the Christian from Colassae who had to deal with a run-away bond slave who had wronged him, to demonstrate God’s call to live out and extend grace. The imprisonment Paul faced, and the bondage in slavery that Onesimus, the run-away faced, was of minimal difficulty compared to the painful reality of bondage to sin, self and evil that we face apart from Jesus. When we appropriate the gift of His salvation, we are motivated in freedom & in love, to share the Gospel boldly and compassionately. It is God who saved us by His grace that we would do good & touch our world with the transformative power of the Holy Spirit. Families, friendships, cities, & organizations brought back from the brink by the God who loves to pour out grace.

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Rare Christianity: Lordship, 1 Peter 3:15-18, Pastor Kristian, Faith Community Church, Sep 08, 2013

Kristian begins a sermon series discussing essentials of being a Christian. This is a look at fundamentals–what C.S. Lewis called mere Christianity. It’s a Christianity so simple, so straightforward, so undiluted that it is also hard…it’s a Christianity that he longs to see lived out both in himself and those around him. These basics, while they should be commonplace in the life of believers, have at times become scarce, uncommon sights. The world we live in is dying for the gem of simple, rare Christianity.

Today’s focus is Lordship. Jesus Christ’s Lordship over one’s life is essential to being a genuine Christian: to conversion, to sanctification, to calling…to really being His.

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