The Meld

Sometimes everything in life is great. Other times feel like we’ve been lobbed up as skeet, then dropped from the sky by bird-shot from a smoking barrel. Fragmented into a million pieces.

Divorce? You said afterward, “I was broken.” Just pieces remained.
Failure to Select. You anguished, “Maybe my best isn’t good enough.”
Lost Someone. “I will never be the same again. A gaping hole has left me wounded.” Your soul in shadows.

Our stories reach the heights and depths. Loneliness. Also triumph. Disillusionment. But also new places. New people. Brilliant opportunities for the taking, open in every direction.

I don’t know on which end of the spectrum you find yourself today. Maybe just in the middle. But I know all of us have felt far from shore. With our friends and families are looking up at us wondering what to expect. Seeking our support.

I want to encourage you from God’s Word. Psalm 67 promises, “God shall bless us; and all the ends of the earth shall fear Him.” Seeing thousands of years ahead. Written 700 years before Messiah, it saw a time when the Nations would be glad. When even the outsiders from the outside-the ends of the earth–would experience Israel’s covenantal blessings to the point that they too would know and worship Him.

This is a meld like no other. God who lit a hope candle by the obedient faith of one man, Abraham, would meld His Divine Son, to our Humanity. And Jesus would take on the opposing sin embedded in human frailty so that both those near, the Faithful, and those far, Agnostics, Pantheists, or drug addicts and vagrants, would sing with Hope at his good governance and timely rescue. Sin Crushed. Life abundant rushing in.

If He can meld together the broken parts of planet earth making a Salvation Master plan, he can take your circumstances, and any problem Life presents and craft a masterwork from it.

So I say, “Fear, be gone! The Sovereign One is melding the busted pieces, delivering us to the high ground of blessing.” We’ll be whole as never before. We’ll know the Meld and never be the same.

To hear “The Meld”, a message preached to Christ Community Bunker Hill during CG-52’s COMPTUEX (Composite Unit Training Exercise ) with Carrier Strike Group 9, click on the Sound Cloud link above.

Photo: Flight of the Falcon, Bronze melded to West Texas Juniper, Sculpture by J. Christopher White

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