9/11’s Song

Roommates told me, “Plane hit the Towers!”
College Chaplain led us in 46th Psalm next hour.
Couldn’t stay put. America attacked??
Took to Chicago’s Metro praying on that.

On the steps of Sears Tower,
We grieved. We wondered, and rocked.
Jumping. Jumping!? The horror.
Stew lost his friend… & 2996 lights went out.

In Bryant Park–Manhattan–next summer,
A little girl recited, memorializing, in Pain.
Her youth assaulted forever again.
16 years later hope she writes & loves on.

To all Warriors who took up arms,
To all who lost loved ones and mourn,
To Americans who became neighbors that day–
The Message resounds.

May favor touch the lost in New York.
Flames can’t reach our Founder’s Work.
Flight 93… your Courage roll beats
Fear from Somerset’s fields and me.

North and South Tower forged heroes
of Husbands, Sisters, Sons & Mothers Gone.
Sacrifice bore a new tune from an old song,
“We Though Many Are One.”

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