First Thoughts


When I taught High School in Milwaukee in 2004 in West Allis, WI, one of my students, Jocelyn, told me to start a blog.  Nine years later, I am ready to accept that assignment.  Why? I want to have a place to share things I am learning. A forum for friends, family, and strangers to engage with me in my journey to follow the Master. There is something special knowing that I am on a journey.  That I am constantly moving away from this temporary, beautiful & drastic life to a place being prepared for me.  Early Christians had a name for this life we lead, they called it simply “The Way.”  Connecting the Way, with the idea of sojourn, with recognition of a Waymaker, and travels and tasks not unlike the daunting task to Mordor, gives me a living metaphor, a true myth by which to understand my way and talk about it with others.

I live in Okinawa with my best friend, Damaris.  She married me and made my dreams come true.  We are pretty young, but we have traveled and seen some special places and met special people.  It’s a challenge and a heartache to be away from family who are more precious to us than anything else on earth.  But we know that we are sent by them and by the Waymaker to walk and live His Way among those that haven’t heard of Him.  Pray for us. And despite the miles, I hope you hear a true story in these pages.   -Kristian

“He knoweth the Way that I take, when He hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold,”  Job, an ancient who also traveled the Way

4 thoughts on “First Thoughts

  1. Going with the Mordor theme, which member of The Fellowship do you see yourself as? Or is it another character(s) from the trilogy?

  2. Kristian–I am proud of you. I am inspired by your faith, and I am encouraged by your perseverance through trial. Pressing on with you–your brother in the flesh and in the faith,

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