Operation One Macedonia: The Call to Unity

Operation One Macedonia –The Call to Unity

In a fractured world of broken families, warring nations, and self-focus, Christians find themselves in enemy territory. Strangers to this world and to the things it holds most dear, God calls us to be united citizens of his coming eternal Kingdom. The Apostle Paul brought word of this truth to the Philippian Church of Macedonia in a letter written from his prison cell in Rome, 62AD. He told them to “stand fast together. Conduct yourselves in a kingdom-of-heaven manner worthy of Jesus. Be courageous in the face of sufferings given you by God. You are sharing these pains with Jesus, even as they confirm your commitment to Him. The courage you show in your Gospel mission is a sign of God’s salvation power and of your enemies’ soon rendezvous with judgment.” Unity among God’s people is a critical strategy of Jesus’ Kingdom advance. That unity is made possible by something potent and uncommon on earth: selfless love. This kind of love is the way of Jesus. It’s the way to live peaceably and purposefully among each other. Such love reaches hardened hearts with the hope of Eternity and forgiveness, revolutionizing the world.

Click on link to hear audio message:  https://soundcloud.com/kinser-chaplain/operation-one-macedonia

Prayer for Veteran’s Day 2013: Commemorating 50th Anniversary of American Involvement in Vietnam

Vietnam Commemorative Flag 50th

Merciful God, we are gathered together this special fall day to honor America’s Veterans… especially those who 50 years ago began answering our nation’s call to the Vietnam War. 

They answered that call, or draft letter, from varied circumstances: while among family, friends, school halls, farm fields, enterprises, arts and athletic aspirations. They were asked to risk all for the sake of freedom, to intervene for a country which could no longer defend itself from the atrocities taking hold in the North.  

Precious was the gift of life they gave in Vietnam.  For the 58,220 who gave all, we stop and grieve their departure…    We thank you for the priceless gift of their lives. 

For the multiplied thousands who continue on, grieving their absence, we ask you to comfort, heal and bring joy.    

You showed us that “no greater love has anyone than this, that a man would lay down his life for his friend.”  So for those dreams cut short in jungle heat, prolonged rainy days and fighting nights… we dream again.  Render your aid to us in this endeavor, especially upon disabled and wounded veterans, fill them with new strength; and for the missing, that they be found.

We want to work for the cause of justice, peace, and freedom, especially for the weak.  Help us Oh God. In this way we can honor you & bless these fallen and bless the beautiful country, America, for whom they gave their last breath.

In the Holy name of Jesus Christ, I pray, amen.