The Keys

Review of Brent Grosvenor’s latest original musical now touring the West Coast.

Saw “The Keys” in Fallbrook, California this past Sunday Night. Wow!! It’s an innovative live music theater experience being teched & performed by our friends–Brent & Tami Grosvenor.

The show is fascinating and moving.

Made me hunger to live fully & to forgive. Heightened my sense of God’s closeness—even in the kind of pain that makes Him feel far & makes loving so hard. I was reminded there is a Master Plan.

The show tells a story, and it’s also a daring, fast-paced glimpse into the heart of someone being overtaken by a Greater Force.

If you live on the West Coast find a way to make it out to the show! If you’re a leader, schedule Brent to do the show in your area at a community center, theater, school or church. He will perform free of charge. Brent has been on Broadway. Hundreds of thousands of people in Europe and the US have watched his original theater live and been touched.

They’re coming to our home city, San Diego, to City View Church, SEP 23, SUN, 6pm.

Other Dates Include:

While living in Connecticut, my wife and I got to be stage crew & actors singing in two productions, Lost in Vegas and the Passion of the King. I got to grow this striking beard for 6 plus itchy and meaning filled weeks leading up to Easter 🙂

It’s some of the most fun and special time we’ve spent as a couple, doing many shows in East Hartford at Crossroads Community Cathedral, and taking it on the road to Valley Forge, PA, Washington D.C., & Massachusetts.

If you can make it, you’ll love “The Keys”, but most of all, & I mean this—you will never be the same after you meet Brent and Tami Grosvenor.

They’re just so rare, joyful and winsome— swashbuckling adventurers of life—serving and loving people as God keeps fueling them forward.